The African Alliance of YMCAs has chalked up another success worthy of continental praise, a move typical of an organisation that prides itself as the largest and oldest Pan-African youth development movement.

To support long-term youth development, the AAYMCA has launched an online platform solely dedicated to the promotion and galvanization of support for the African Union’s Agenda 2063 development strategy for the continent. The “Africa we Want Online Platform” was heralded in the words of Kenyan S2C Ambassador, Jeff Kush, as “the only [online platform] that has been launched by a Pan-African movement solely for the promotion of Pan-Africanism and Agenda 2063, a testimony of the YMCAs unwavering determination to achieve Agenda 2063.”

The leadership of the AAYMCA is optimistic that the launch of the new platform shall maximise gains made from networking and partnerships in order to provide greater support to youth empowerment. In addition, the online platform will help track changes in youth policy and implementation so as to assess how seriously the youth agenda is being taken up by Africa’s leaders.

This milestone can directly be traced to the constant engagement of the AAYMCA with its Africa we Want programme stakeholders on how to implement the seven aspirations set out by Agenda 2063.

Currently the new platform is undergoing the second phase of its development – the incorporation of functionalities that allow you to comment, share photos and videos, interact with other users, and the production of an AwW app for your mobile device. This in addition to the comprehensive monitoring and evaluation tools that will help all African YMCAs monitor, improve, and report on their crucial project work. The rapidly growing and savvy nature of Africa’s population has made it compelling to use different modern mediums to capture the hearts and minds of people in order to transform society for the common good. It is expected that traffic to this site shall be from individuals, NGOs, institutions, researchers, and government workers who have a direct or indirect engagement in the health, education, employment, and access to capital, technology and resources components of Agenda2063.

Take a look at the new platform by going to and please leave your feedback on the AAYMCAs Facebook Page.

By Cedric Dzelu, S2C Ambassador, Ghana.

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