We are an alliance with a focus on youth development that unites YMCAs in 24 countries in Africa to promote cooperation within the continent and the worldwide YMCA family. The Africa We Want website is a component of our Africa We Want programme which seeks to action the principles of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 development plan.


For more information about the Africa Alliance of YMCAs and our other programmes, please go to the AAYMCA website.


Shared vision
To empower young people for the African Renaissance


To equip National Movements in empowering young African men and women with voice, space, and ability to influence for the holistic transformation of their communities, nation and the African continent.


Unity and inclusiveness
Based on our Christian faith, we proactively build positive inter-generational and inter-faith relations which are embedded in the underlying principles of respect and acceptance.


Striving for the empowerment of youth in Africa, our transformational volunteer-led leadership approach ensures long-term individual and community impact.


We hold ourselves responsible and answerable to the youth of the continent and our stakeholders for managing our movement to achieve our shared vision.


We strive to be sustainable and self-regulatory to ensure our social responsiveness and relevance.


We commit to open and transparent decision-making and implementation processes, and consistent policies and actions.

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