National Movements this year engaged in Africa We Want training, using a civic competence manual prepared for the Subject 2 Citizen programme. Of particular note was that the S2C Ambassadors in the National Movements were brought on board as trainers. Based on feedback, the manual is currently under revision – and will be translated into French in January 2016.

While the numbers of those trained will only be available in 2016, we would like to highlight that the Ethiopia YMCA had trained 661 youth by the monitoring visit in October. A great achievement! We proved that we can, though this project, both equip our youth with knowledge and skills to engage in community action to effect positive change, and at the same time, tap into new youth markets with an attractive YMCA offering: training, the opportunity to get involved and support to do so. A more robust approach to this will be taken in 2016.


Findings, and comments from our first year of activities:

To date the activities include:

All the participating National Movements have trained Foundational trainers and had mobilised youth for training as catalysts. All the participating national movements have engaged S2C Ambassadors as Foundational trainers

The S2C Civic Competence curriculum has been reviewed but after feedback from the National Movements we intend on strengthening the linkage between commented that the linkage between Agenda2063 and S2C in 2016. They recommended that further review be made to ensure that the linkage is stronger

The five participating National Movements have worked to mobilise youth through various strategies. Ghana YMCA for example has engaged Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) students through the institution’s new partnership based on accommodation arrangements. Ethiopia YMCA has taken up mobilisation through its existing project activities, for example the Child Centre in Addis, and through this arrangement is mobilising youth for training.

Madagascar has trained a total of 376 catalysts, Ethiopia has trained 661 catalysts, and Kenya has trained 253 catalysts.

Both Madagascar and Ethiopia have engaged the Catalysts in community action. Madagascar YMCA has engaged catalysts in engagements with parliamentarians and candidates in the mayoral elections. In total, the youth had interactions with 20 candidates in the elections. One of the notables is that the NM is in the process of discussion of the setting up of a youth cooperative guided by these discussions. Kenya and Ghana are yet to engage catalysts in community action

Ethiopia YMCA has engaged catalysts in clean-up activities, caring of Orphans and vulnerable children and caring of elderly people. The planning for these activities is carried out by the catalysts themselves during the training sessions.

Ethiopia YMCA is unable to comprehensively engage politicians in the country due to the political climate in the country. However, the Movement is engaging the local leadership on the basics of the Agenda 2063.

Consensus among all the National Movements is that Agenda 2063 is not understood at all at the local government level – most government officials at the levels have not heard of the Agenda 2063.

Madagascar YMCA intimated that a major discussion in the country was whether the Malagasy people saw themselves as Africans. This was noted as a key engagement area for the NM and the people in relation to Agenda 2063

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