The AwW programme firmly places its project focus on four significant themes of youth development: Education, Health, Employment and Access to capital and technology.

Education is one of the most crucial spaces for development on the continent, and at the same time, it remains one of the most under-resourced and under-capacitated. The Education section will cover the latest education-related initiatives the YMCAs are conducting as well as provide updated information about new initiatives and developments in the education sector.

Ensuring Employment opportunities for youth is under-served by the development sector. The AwW project interrogates the underlying causes of youth under-employment while at the same time providing opportunities for skills-development and entrepreneurship. The Employment section will provide regular updates on project work and contribute to the growing knowledge of livelihood strategies and innovations made by young Africans.

While the status of Health care in Africa is always a cause for concern, youth continue to be under-serviced and poorly-supported through health services and initiatives. The Health section of the online platform will present the activities undertaken by YMCA movements to address the youth-service shortfall in health care while at the same time will share information about health trends, achievements, and challenges in Africa.

Our final AwW focus is on Access which is about the access young Africans have to the resources and technologies they need in order to lead successful and empowered lives. The Access section will include discussions on new technologies, innovations and resources as well as provide information about the growing impact that technologies have on youth identity and behaviour.

Over the next few weeks, the thematic section will expand with the addition of information about the latest news and innovations taken by civil society, government, and grass-roots level activists in these sectors. Simply, our goal for this section is to ask ourselves: What is happening with youth iniatives in Africa and what innovations can we learn from. But, we need your help to make that a reality. If you come across some interesting news and information about health, employment, education, and access to technology and capital, please send an email here and we will get back to you.

The dream behind the AwW online platform can only truly work if we know all contribute and share the knowledge we are exposed to.

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