The AACC and AAYMCA Youth Convention

The AAYMCA is partnering with the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) to host a Youth Convention from 23-25 November at the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, in Kenya. The Youth Convention will be based on the theme “We have faith: The Africa We Want and skills building for the 21st Century”.

Over 40 young African leaders are expected to gather from Kenya and a number of other African nations. The Youth Convention will also be honoured to welcome session speaker, Mary Ann Wanjiru Brown, a representative from the African Union. Ms Brown will speak to the Agenda 2063 conceptualising, planning, and strategising process and how youth can be incorporated in future African Union activities.

The convention will provide young delegates with an opportunity to discuss and develop strategies around issues related to health, employment, political and religious radicalisation, education, and access to technology and resources.

The Convention will not only give youth a platform for expression but will also enable¬ them to provide input on the ongoing AAYMCA Africa We Want continental development programme. The Convention will further build the capacity of youthful leaders and managers in order to influence the positive attitude and behaviour of their peers and communities.

To achieve the seven aspirations of Agenda 2063, young people must be at the front line in advocating for change. Through this convention, the AAYMCA and AACC have offered a platform to young leaders who can together establish solutions to the challenges they face.

By Ann Nyokabi, AAYMCA

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