Date of YMCA Establishment: 1924
Member of the Africa Alliance of YMCAs: 2003
Member of the World Alliance of YMCAs: 1996
Staff: 15
Local Branches: 10
Volunteers: 50
Members: 400
Beneficiaries: 19.340 direct and 55.520 indirect

About Madagascar

Founding president and liberation struggle icon Jomo KENYATTA led Kenya from independence in 1963 until his death in 1978, when President Daniel Toroitich arap MOI took power in a constitutional succession. The country was a de facto one-party state from 1969 until 1982 when the ruling Kenya African National Union (KANU) made itself the sole legal party in Kenya. MOI acceded to internal and external pressure for political liberalization in late 1991. The ethnically fractured opposition failed to dislodge KANU from power in elections in 1992 and 1997, which were marred by violence and fraud, but were viewed as having generally reflected the will of the Kenyan people. President MOI stepped down in December 2002 following fair and peaceful elections. Mwai KIBAKI, running as the candidate of the multiethnic, united opposition group, the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC), defeated KANU candidate Uhuru KENYATTA and assumed the presidency following a campaign centered on an anticorruption platform. KIBAKI’s NARC coalition splintered in 2005 over the constitutional review process. Government defectors joined with KANU to form a new opposition coalition, the Orange Democratic Movement, which defeated the government’s draft constitution in a popular referendum in November 2005. KIBAKI’s reelection in December 2007 brought charges of vote rigging from ODM candidate Raila ODINGA and unleashed two months of violence in which as many as 1,500 people died. UN-sponsored talks in late February produced a powersharing accord bringing ODINGA into the government in the restored position of prime minister.

The YMCA of Madagascar has undertaken a number and variety of AWW activities.


The 22 to 28 March, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya, AWW orientation meetings were organised by the AAY with the involvement of the 6 participating YMCAs.

YMCA Madagascar actively participated in the meeting by sending two enthusiastic participants: S2C a champion and the Programme Director, RAKOTONIRINA Ony Malala and RALAIKOTO Njakaniaina. During the training the center of discussion was based on 3 main strategic thrusts: the construction of civic competence, credibility and capacity to influence regional communities, and youth participation to influence the implementation of policy.

From there, training of the trainers was conducted in May 4 to 9, 2015 at the YMCA office in Analamahitsy for a period of 6 consecutive days.  Given their motivation and commitment to contribute to the dissemination of the S2C franchising philosophy and supporting the Africa We Want programme, these young catalysts were certified before organising and conducting various Community actions.

General objective of the training sessions
-Overall objective is to contribute to strengthening the “Trainers” in their role and mission for the promotion of philosophy S2C franchising.
-The training session is to acquaint trained, their roles and responsibilities as guarantor and the relay to eternal life YMCA. And to disseminate the Agenda 2063

Specific objectives

-Develop and implement a seamless network strategy in spreading the philosophy S2C Franchising.

-Provide the team of trainers needed skills to implement and practice the training received and the transfer of these assets for the benefit of catalysts on themes related to the crisis of youth in Madagascar, Human Right, governance, transformation of the subject to the citizen, justice, civic responsibility, global citizenship, gender, masculinity, ethics, tolerance, democracy, civic involvement, Political voice, electoral participation, advocacy campaign, social audit, networking.

– Ensure thorough impregnation session YMCA, its guiding principles, its philosophy and concepts for increasing membership in the YMCA.

-Provide Training of Trainers session on the S2C Franchising and sharing the 2063 vision. (Agenda 2063).



In 25 June 2015: 734 young were mobiliSed by S2C Champions and Ambassadors for Catalyst Training.

734 young people were mobilised as part of awareness on health and citizenship for young people. Local authorities in the zone 2 (Carion) were present during the mobilisation which included, The MP Deputy, Mayors, Doctors, District, local authority.

As part of the S2C franchising, the goal of this mobilisation was to inform and recruit youth for S2C franchising. In order to organise orientation sessions.

It was also an opportunity for to talk about agenda 2063 at these authorities.
They (authority) have not hesitated to say that they have not yet been informed of the agenda and want more information about it. On this, it is expected the meeting of information and exchange on the agenda in 2063.



The Mayoral election was held in Madagascar on July 31, 2015. In preparatation the AWW Catalysts, Foundational trainers, S2C Champions, S2C Ambassador and Programme Director organised a meeting for the exchange of ideas and youth advocacy with all the mayoral candidates.

This meeting took place in July 2015:

For Carion (Municipality): 04 candidates were present
For Morarano (Municipality in Moramanga ):04 candidates were present
For Ambohibary (Municipality in Moramanga): 06 candidates were present
For Anjiro (Municipality in Moramanga): 06 candidates were present

The objective was:

-To talk about the revitalisation of the youth council to strengthen the space of expression in this municipality because this strategy is consistent with the national Malagasy youth policy that recognizes the Youth Council as a means of expression for young people.
-To influence the candidates with their social project.
-To learn about the programs of the candidates.(Proposal)
-Convince Candidates to prioritise youth in their social project.
-Establish Already a space for dialogue with the future mayor to facilitate youth advocacy.

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