It brings me joy to express and share my thoughts on the newly launched Africa we Want Online Platform: Created by the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA), the platform has been designed to purposely empower African youth to influence decision-makers and to involve other young people in their decision-making processes in order to achieve the objectives of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 development strategy. Agenda 2063 intends that all segments of African society work together in order to build a prosperous and united Africa as based on shared values and common destiny.

As a young person, and one of the S2C Ambassadors from Ghana YMCA, I would like to encourage young people in Africa to visit the new platform in order to be empowered on how to strategically identify, sensitise, and advocate on issues affecting their development.

It is our responsibility as young people to advocate positively on our rights and to ensure that we acquire voice, occupy space, and influence the decision-makers and decision-making processes. We must participate in order to transform our lives, the lives of others in our communities towards the Africa we Want vision as based on Agenda 2063 (Aspiration 6, which states that African development should be “People-Driven, Unleashing the Potential of its Women and Youth”). In order to achieve this, Aspiration 6 establishes a framework that guarantees that:

• All Africans, including the youth, be actively involved in all decision-making processes;
• Africa be an inclusive continent with no-one left behind or excluded through discrimination of gender, politics, religion, ethnicity, locality, age or other factors;
• African youth will be socially, economically and politically empowered with full implementation of the African Youth Charter,
• An Africa where youth talent and potential will be fully developed, rewarded, and protected for the benefit of society;
• Youth unemployment will be eliminated, and
• Africa’s youth guaranteed full access to education, training, skills and technology, health services, economic opportunities, and recreational and cultural activities.

Certainly, this is a perfect platform that the Africa Alliance of YMCAs has created for young people in order to learn and share more with others towards the Africa we Want by the year 2063. My question is; HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR AFRICA TO BE BY 2063? Kindly visit: and share your views or comments on our Facebook page with not only your fellows on the African continent but with our brothers and sisters throughout the World.


Courage Kwaku Afashime, S2C Ambassador, Ghana YMCA

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