In another big move from the African YMCA movement, the Africa Alliance of YMCAs is excited and proud to launch our new Africa we Want (AwW) online platform. The Africa we Want initiative is more than just a project – it is aligned with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 development plan, and is about providing youth with the confidence and tools to drive change through our Subject to Citizen (S2C) change model. At the same time, it is about networking and partnerships for maximum youth empowerment; and it is about tracking change at policy and implementation level to assess how seriously the youth agenda is being taken.

The new online platform is a significant step in both sharing impact through our Africa we Want work, and in raising awareness of Agenda 2063 while also consolidating available knowledge, research and documentation on youth development research in Africa.

The online platform development process has taken place in two phases. The first phase is now complete and provides you with information about what the YMCA national movements are doing in their different countries in the African we Want initiative. The first phase also includes all the available online research and reports we could find about Agenda 2063 and youth development activities in Africa. This makes it a comprehensive resource for anyone who works to improve the lives of those youth people living in Africa.

Phase Two of the online platform has begun and takes into account the needs of our AAYMCA website users, our youth, and the YMCAs around Africa. Phase Two will see: a brand new sharing space which will enable all registered users to post photo’s, audio, video and articles; a new commentary system through which people can discuss the articles and research as well as respond to the posts of users in the sharing section; various databases, including a new tracking tool that helps us raise awareness about youth leadership and youth-led initiatives on the continent; and a comprehensive new monitoring and evaluation tool which will enable programme and project staff to create real-time reports on their activities.

So, take a tour through our new site and post your feedback on our Facebook page.

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