This week we present you with a collection of videos about Youth Health in Africa. In the collection of videos below you will find a few documentaries, conference level discussions, and short pieces about the gains young African women have made on the continent. As the Video archive will continue to grow, remember that we will regularly update it with filmed news, documentaries, and discussions about the Agenda 2063 strategy in the hopes that it provides an invaluable resources for anyone working in the African developmental sector, or all those who wants to learn more, or research the strategy further. We will also include videos that are related to health, education, employment, and access in Africa.

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Africa's First Ladies urge gov'ts to prioritise sexual reproductive health

In February 2016 ,the 7th African conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights was held in Ghana. At the conference the First ladies from across Africa met to discuss how to make life better for young people. Together with hundreds of policy-makers and other stakeholders within the field, the importance of providing good sexual reproductive health services was explored as one of the major ways of doing this. The Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Babatunde Osotimehin, was amongst those expressing the importance of young people’s engagement for there to be positive development on the continent.

Voice of youth on eNCA - Clinic Culture

One of the major issues affecting young people in Africa today when it comes to protection of their sexual and reproductive health is the attitudes many are met with by clinic staff. Although South Africa has many laws, policies and frameworks protecting the rights of young people as well as that of the rest of the population, many youth still feel like these are not filtered into their everyday realities. Many young people are met with judgements and traditional attitudes while trying to acquire access to such services as sexual and reproductive healthcare. However, is there a way that young people can challenge such attitudes, acquiring better services for themselves and the young people coming after them?

Health Issues Facing South Africa’s Youth Part 1 and 2

To celebrate Youth Day 2015 the Expresso Show in South Africa invited Multi-Media Health Specialist, Dr. Darren Green to talk about one of the most pressing issues effecting young people in the country, namely health related issues. The topics covered everything from the often ignored subjects around mental health to substance abuse and teen pregnancies, focusing on how best to raise a generation of healthy young people.

Monday Special: Youth and Depression

At the Monday Special on Kenya Citizen TV in March 2016 the topic discussed was Depression amongst young people in Kenya. For a long time mental health problems have been ignored amongst youth on the African continent, often filled with stigmatization and lack of understanding of the seriousness of the problems faced by those affected. It is time to put mental health problems on the agenda while discussing health problems amongst young people on the African continent.

South African Teenagers With HIV Fight to Overcome Stigma

South Africa is the country having the greatest amount of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, with an estimated 300,000 of them being children and teenagers in 2013. These young people are living with the prospect of lifelong treatment, and constantly being confronted with the stigma associated with the virus. Emilie Ibo is exploring how HIV/AIDS is affecting the lives of three such young South Africans in this report from Johannesburg in 2013, showing the importance of fighting stigmatization to give these young people a better life.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a practice which still today is harming many young women in Africa despite its recognition as a human rights violation by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. This year the Think Young Women (TYW) in partnership with Safe Hands for Girls, and with funding from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), recently held a two-day national youth forum to discuss the issue of FGM, in a bid to chart out a youth-led strategy against the age-old harmful traditional practice. The conference was held in Gambia and attracted some 70 youth who eagerly learnt about the social and health implications of FGM, further encouraging and empowering them to conduct youth-lead action in the fight against FGM.

Sunrise Discuss Health and Sexuality Amongst The Youth - 25/07/2013

Sexuality is a taboo amongst the youth in much of Africa, and a subject that is often being hushed down and not talked about. This silence can lead to young people being put into situations that they do not know how to handle. By allowing for more open conversations on the topic of sexuality and health in the society and within families, we can make sure that children and young people are able to take informed choices and protect themselves.

Family Planning +SocialGood: Youth Engagement

In November 2013 the International Conference on Family Planning was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As part of the conference a youth panel was formed to discuss the importance of youth engagement in the context of family planning. The panel focuses on the Engagement of young people and the use of Social Media to achieve the goals of Family Planning 2020.

International Youth Day 2012 - Education - Sexual and Reproductive Health

As a means to celebrate the International Youth Day in 2012, UN DESA held a Google Hangout to discuss the issues of Youth and Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health. As well as a wide debate on the issues young people are facing on the subject of sexual and reproductive health, solutions and the importance of the United Nations and civil society to partner and work with the youth also was of great importance for the talk.

Sexual Rights Declaration

This short film looks at the Sexual Rights Declaration which is a document developed by the IPPF as a means of providing member associations with a text they can use to advocate for sexual rights through the use of rights-based advocacy. The film looks at the importance of protecting all people’s sexual rights, and emphasizes the grave challenges that the world is facing in relation to Gender Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, access to health services as well as other sexual health related issues. Especially the importance of considering young people as sexual and in need of sexual rights is put forward as an issue which has not been handled well in the past.

Engaging men in sexual rights for everyone: Tim Shand at TEDxBarcelonaWomen

Although it is important to engage and empower women to end Gender Based Violence and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, no real change can occur without explicitly engaging men in the struggle. This is the premises of the TEDx talk presented by Tim Shandi, the director of International Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Programmes for Sonke Gender Justice, a South African NGO. Through his engaging speech he underline men’s responsibility in the fight against gender based violence and contraception.

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