Youth Voices Competition Judging Continues

We are halfway through the judging of the Africa We Want Youth Voices competition entries and are well on our way to choosing the first winners in the essay, short-story, poetry and graphic categories.

We received 134 individual entries from 15 countries with a total of over 200 submissions.

We couldn’t have done this without the dedicated support of the Africa Alliance staff and volunteers. We especially thank our external specialists who brought a wealth of knowledge to each discipline.

In particular, we thank Gabeba Baderoon, a South African poet and the author of three poetry collections, The Dream in the Next Body (2005), The Museum of Ordinary Life (2005) and A Hundred Silences (2006). Gabeba received the DaimlerChrysler Award for South African Poetry in 2005. Her short story “The Year of Sleeping Badly” was selected as one of the “Twenty in 20: Best Short Stories of South Africa’s Democracy” in 2014.

Winners will be contacted and announced on 16 December.

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